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Claircliff Apartments

7  Reviews

(973) 746-0193
370-380 Clairmont Ave
Montclair, NJ 07042
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(973) 746-0193

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Average Rating (7)


Great place to live. We have no complaints. Good location, good service, nice neighbors.


I have lived at the Claircliff Apartments for 17 years. I have never had a problem with service, security, management, or heat. I am not sure which building other people have lived in, but I have found the on site superintendents to be prompt in service, honest (having lost my wallet, it was returned intact by them, money included!) and they give notice before entering due to inspections or repairs. I highly recommend this complex.

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I am the Superintendent of the Claircliff Apts., and it never ceases to amaze me how some people can become lower than low as to publicly malign the reputation of someone, in this case their ex-Landlord, just because of a completely justified deduction from their security deposit. I can attest to the incredible integrity, honesty and all around sense of fairness the Landlord possesses, and know that she would never keep a penny that she did not know to be truly owed! In fact, just about every penny made goes back into making the complex a little better! I have come to realize that even the littlest amount of money that someone is legally bound by contract to pay, e.g. for any damage of property, or filth left in their apartment, certain people have no problem character assassinating the person owed, when it is them themselves that could have easily avoided owing anything at all, by just being decent and doing the right thing. Just by being considerate. I guess that's just too hard for certain people. way to much to ask.... How sad this generation of 'The Entitled' has become, when they don't want to be responsible for what they do, but just blame and slander others for expecting them to.....


I moved here from Colorado several years ago and unfortunately will have to move due to a job change. I have to say I would highly recommend the Claircliff Apts. because the buildings are safe, clean and the apartments are updated. I like living here and the neighbors are quite nice. I thought moving this close to NYC would have a 'cold' effect on the residents, but that hasn't been the case. I've had no problems with the minor things that have needed any attention in my apartment, as they were taken care of within a day or so. A really BIG plus has been with each lease renewal, there was only a nominal increase, if any at all! If I ever do come back to the area, I hope there will be a vacancy for me.


Loved living here! Sorry my job took me to California! The owner was very fair to me in taking out only for slight damage I made in taking my flat screen tv from the wall, and the cost was much less than if I hired someone else to do it. I met great neighbors, now friends and the supers were always very courteous, prompt and professional.


I have been living at the Claircliff Apartments and was so sorry to have to move out of the area. I have found the employees in maintenance here to be 'quick to fix' any problem and have never had any problem that was not tended to within a reasonable time, properly finished and with the utmost courtesy! The owner has been more than honest and fair in the return of my security, and only took out for slight damage repair. I am very happy with the 10 year experience I had living here!

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